Dear Cousin Abby,
I live in Jerusalem and have known your cousin Tom his whole life.  We grew up together in Portland.
I went on a little trip today that I wanted to share with you and all your classmates in Ms. Pires' 2nd grade class at
Memorial Spaulding School in Newton. 
I am so excited to share because I have a 2nd grade daughter, too, and I know how much fun this would be for her.
I started my trip at the Israeli Supreme Court, where all the really big Judges work.  Here is a picture of me in front of the Israeli Supreme Court.  Can you see a judge behind a tree?
Here is a picture of me in front of the Israeli Foreign Ministry!  Just out of the picture is a foreigner and a minister.  We have a lot of both here in Israel.
Here is a picture of me in front of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament)!  Right now all the big decisions are being made for the State of Israel, like if chocolate milk tastes better than bubble gum. (I like the milk, myself.)
Here I am at the Israel Museum in front of the building that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls!  Those are some really old things that need a special place to live, like me!
And here I am at the door of former Prime Minister (and current Finance Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu!  People say we look alike.  What do you think?
Here I am in front of the House of the President of Israel!  The guard is coming over to tell me that he is too busy today to see me.
Here I am in front of the Jerusalem Theater!  I wanted to get on-stage and perform for you, but they were busy.
And here is my cab driver, Mike, who took all these pictures of me!  And here is a picture of me and my family at a street-side Jerusalem cafe!!
Come home to Israel soon and I will be glad to take you to all these places too!
Your friend,
Flat Rich Brownstein
PO Box 8130
91081 Jerusalem